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Is your team frustrated by any of these challenges: ​

IT investment inefficiencies

Are you still struggling with spreadsheets for your IT budgeting process? Are your budgets versus actuals weeks out of sync? Are you finding it challenging to predict where your budget will end up? Do you lack the insights that would prevent budget overruns? Are you frustrated by the inefficiencies that make it hard to meet organizational goals?

Missed Optimization Opportunities

Do you struggle with disconnected processes that affect IT spend – such as wasted labor, overlooked expenses, and underutilized services? Do you miss out on spend optimization opportunities because the effort is so tedious and frustrating? Do you avoid disruptions by expanding ordering cycles, bloat your inventory levels, ignore shrinkage, and/or accept increased product obsolescence – all of which contribute to hard dollar spend that wastes IT dollars?

Lack of accountability and control

Do you struggle to optimize IT expenditures due to a lack of accountability and transparency? Do departments overuse resources without understanding the financial impact, leading to inflated consumption and inefficiencies? Without proper cost tracking, is your strategic decision-making hindered, financial management complicated, and cost-saving opportunities obscured?

3 Ways We Help You Run IT Like a Business

1. IT Budgeting & Investment Planning

Streamlined and Automated IT Budgeting Processes

Let us help you automatically synchronize Finance and IT budgets daily, providing both teams with a unified, up-to-date perspective, to enhances collaboration and reduce discrepancies.

Improved IT Budget and Resource Management

We help leadership stay updated with the latest IT financial insights, ensuring that budgets and resources are managed more effectively, aligning financial planning with organizational goals.

Enhanced Analytical Capabilities and Insights

By integrating ServiceNow with other business systems, you'll realize broader analytical capabilities and deeper insights into IT spending, enabling better financial planning and management.

2. Source-to-Pay and KPI Dashboards

Streamline Order Processing
KPI: 50%

Automating order processing with ServiceNow reduces manual effort, streamlines workflows, and ensures accuracy, leading to faster order fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction. This efficiency frees up your team to focus on more strategic tasks.

Reduce Holding Costs

Optimizing inventory management with ServiceNow minimizes holding costs by accurately forecasting demand and adjusting inventory levels. This reduces excess stock and frees up capital, enhancing your financial stability and operational flexibility.

Boost Demand Accuracy

Enhancing ServiceNow’s demand management provides real-time insights into market trends and customer needs, allowing for precise demand forecasting. This ensures you can meet customer demand without overproducing, leading to better resource allocation and reduced waste.

Reduce Supplier Overhead
KPI: 35%

Optimize your supply base by providing detailed insights into supplier performance and relationships. This enables you to select the best suppliers, negotiate better contracts, and ensure a reliable supply chain, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing risks.

Monitor Inventory Shrinkage

Implementing shrinkage monitoring helps detect and reduce inventory losses due to theft, damage, or errors. This improves inventory accuracy and reduces costs associated with shrinkage, ultimately protecting your profits and enhancing operational efficiency.

Optimize Category Management

Optimizing category management allows you to strategically manage spending categories, ensuring consistent quality and cost control. This structured approach leads to better procurement decisions, enhanced supplier relationships, and significant cost savings.

3) IT Billing & Chargeback

Transparent and Justifiable IT Spending

We leverage OOTB functionality to assign the cost of IT to the consumers of IT. This approach provides clear visibility into where IT funds are spent, enabling CFOs and CIOs to explain and justify IT expenditures to stakeholders. By making costs transparent, it enhances accountability and financial clarity, ensuring that every dollar spent on IT is accounted for and rationalized.

Efficient and Error-Free IT Billing

We automate IT billing workflows with ServiceNow and eliminate the manual effort and errors typically associated with traditional billing processes. By streamlining billing, it ensures accurate and timely invoicing, reduces administrative overhead, and frees up resources to focus on more strategic tasks, leading to greater efficiency and reliability in financial operations.

Flexible and Defensible Chargeback

We help teams maintain a comprehensive, connected IT financial lifecycle that enables accurate allocation of IT costs to departments or business units, supporting a variety of billing/chargeback requirements. This results in greater confidence in the financial management process making it more adaptable to the organization’s needs. As a result, IT leadership can defend current and future IT budgets.


What Clients Say About Us

Disconnected visibility prevented us from taking advantage of volume purchase opportunities. Our team was also wasting 20% of their time on unfunded requests. On top of that, we were paying maintenance on expired infrastructure. We identified savings in the first 12 months that provided us with over 200% Return on Investment!
Charles M.
Vice President of IT Strategy & Governance
We no longer blindly overspend our budgets because we have current information at our fingertips; we know what was approved, what has been committed, and our actual spend. After having the solution in place, our tracking efforts have been reduced by over 80%. In total, we've recovered the equivalent of 3 FTEs.
Kathy L.
Director of IT Business Operations
We have a self-service portal so our consumers can view current status on-demand and make requests with real-time updates.
The level of trust between IT and the rest of the University increased overnight. Doubling the productivity of our teams while making our consumers happier made this a no-brainer.
John C.
Office of Information Technology


Our approach ensures you achieve optimal efficiency, cost savings, and strategic control.

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