Achieve greater efficiency with our Source-to-Pay extensions that leverage AI to predict trends, optimize supplier selection, and automate routine tasks.

We extend Source-to-Pay across 8 KPI metrics that unlock millions in savings
ODS leverages Source-to-Pay to improve efficiency and cost control. By integrating ServiceNow's IT Financial workflows, organizations gain better visibility and control over IT expenditures, optimize processes, and enhance compliance.
This fosters strategic decision-making, innovation, and collaboration between IT, finance, and procurement teams, ultimately driving financial health and a competitive advantage.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Control​

Streamlined procurement processes reduce manual errors and expedite cycles, leading to significant cost savings and resource optimization.

Improved Visibility and Compliance

Integrated workflows provide real-time insights into IT expenditures and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements, fostering transparency and accountability.

Strategic Decision-Making and Innovation

Better alignment with business objectives and enhanced collaboration between IT, finance, and procurement teams drive informed decisions, innovation, and a competitive edge.

Key Features

End-to-End Visibility

Seamlessly connects sourcing, procurement, and payment processes into a single, unified workflow for comprehensive management and visibility.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Provides real-time insights and detailed reports on IT expenditures, supplier performance, and procurement efficiency to support data-driven decision-making.

Automated Compliance and Risk Management

Ensures adherence to regulatory requirements and internal policies through automated checks and controls, minimizing risks and enhancing accountability.

Case Study:

How a Manufacturer Saves
$1.4 Million Annually with
ServiceNow's Source-to-Pay

The Challenge

In today’s modern, digitized economy, businesses must distribute, analyze, and interpret transactional data effectively to enable leadership to make real-time, pinpoint adjustments in strategy and operational cadence. Deferred, misunderstood, or improperly shared data can lead to financial losses and customer dissatisfaction. A customer sought a solution to unify geographically dispersed stores, offices, and executive-level divisions under a framework that would allow leadership to interpret and understand opportunities for process improvement, cost savings, and tighter operational control.

Key stakeholders often lacked awareness of how data from other departments could unlock actionable business intelligence, influencing tactical and strategic decision-making within their own areas. Historically, departments focused solely on their financial performance, ignoring how activities in other divisions impacted their bottom line. The customer needed a way to capture, extract, synthesize, and distribute data that was verifiable, precise, and refreshed in real-time, eliminating a silo culture that emphasized narrow accountability over enterprise-wide collaboration.

The Solution

Recognizing the need to connect information with intelligence for quicker, smarter, and more profitable decisions, the customer turned to ServiceNow Source-to-Pay. We leveraged ServiceNow’s capabilities to define, develop, test, implement, and maintain an optimized, scalable solution for the customer’s enterprise. This solution created a universe of accessible, actionable data that increased ROI while accommodating exponential growth.

With a focus on understanding the customer’s needs, challenges, and goals, we leveraged our extensive Procurement and Supply-Chain expertise to provide a right-sized solution fitting the customer’s scale. By combining ServiceNow Source-to-Pay with the platform’s extensible capabilities, we delivered a tailored framework offering unparalleled access and control to designated users. For the first time, customer leaders could record, interpret, and distribute critical transactional data in real-time across the enterprise, maintaining platform best practices and simplifying the process of applying enhancements and upgrades.

The Outcome

Implementing ServiceNow Source-to-Pay transformed the customer’s procurement processes into a fully integrated enterprise solution. Key benefits included:

  • Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Control: The streamlined procurement processes reduced manual errors, expedited cycles, and optimized resources, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Improved Visibility and Compliance: Integrated workflows provided real-time insights into IT expenditures, ensuring regulatory compliance and fostering transparency and accountability.
  • Strategic Decision-Making and Innovation: Better alignment with business objectives and enhanced collaboration between IT, finance, and procurement teams drove informed decisions, fostering innovation and a competitive edge.

By breaking down silos and promoting a culture of collaboration, the customer achieved better process control, cost savings, and a more agile, responsive operational framework, ultimately driving financial health and competitive advantage.


Our approach ensures you achieve optimal efficiency, cost savings, and strategic control.

Step 1: Assessment and Setup
Step 2: Implementation
Step 3: Knowledge Transfer
Step 4: Co-Pilot Your Success